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Custom Stained Glass

Classic ~ Creative ~ Glass as Art ~ for your home decor. 

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a SeeViewGallery ofMVE designs in custom artglass

Margriet Van Erp,  Kincardine, Ontario            MVE Designs for stained glass window decor

Margriet has been a glass artisan for over 25 years.  She began with traditional cut stained glass, assembled with lead or copperfoil into window panels, lamps and small stained glass crafts.  In 1990   began working on stained glass with overlays of lead and thin mylar film.   She uses the glass surface as a canvas, allowing the designs to have a more painterly quality.  During the 90’s traditional custom architectural glass-work was her main focus.  She designed and produced hundreds of custom stained glass projects for homes, businesses and churches in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Toronto areas.  She co-owned SGO Designer Glass with a studio and showroom on Victoria Street in Kitchener 1990 until 1996, then moved this to her Toronto artStudio.  


         Since 1998 her stained glass designs evolved to included her original artglass series “Art to Go” - ready to hang stained glass window panels.  Shown and sold at the “the One of a Kind show” Toronto, 1997-2008. and numerous Ontario craft shows, at the SeeView Gallery in Kincardine until 2018,  and still today in fine craft store in Ontario.   "MVE designs for custom glass decor" includes artGlass panels for window decor, insets for cabinet glass, entryway side lites and front door windows.  Her unique and original  designs using this overlay method are inspired by forests and trees, fountain grasses, birds and beveled gardens. (see the Link to  MVE Legacy Gallery)   

       Until 1996  Margriet's career, alongside her glass and claywork, included over 18 years as on-staff then Consultant in the Toronto Advertising Industry, specifically in the management of creative department, print production department, workflow management systems, as well as VP, Director of Agency Operations including affiliated Graphic Art Studio. 

     These departments changed constantly as the industry evolved to include the Apple Computer,  Google, Mac Digital design art and production software for agencies, graphic designers and clients.

     A full-time artist since 1997, in Sept. of 2002, she moved from Toronto with husband Ted to Kincardine Ontario. There in May 2003 they opened  theSeeView Gallery and Art Studio at 708 Queen Street and was open year round until 2013, then ongoing and now from the SeeView Art Studio. 

       She brought forward her business management skills in the SeeView Gallery and during a 4 year period as Chair of the Kincardine BIA.  Margriet was awarded the Chamber of Commerce Business Person of the Year Award in 2009.   She continues to support the BIA mandate.   Her new on-line digital website is the direct result of the 2019  OBIAA "digital downtown" program awarded a $2,500.  grant to fund the SeeView Digital Transformation Plan. As such the SeeView art gallery in Kincardine has become part of the future of downtown business in a digital environment. 

Now in 2020  theSeeView is ALWAYS OPEN,

here at this new Digital Gallery.

Categories of Custom Stained Glass Design

as shown below:

MVE classic victorian and floral 

architectural stained glass. 

MVE the Bevelled Garden. Florals,  Rushes and Reeds.

MVE Forest, Trees, SeeScapes.  

Birch Trees, Canadian Maple, Jack Pine

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