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Ceramics, Stained Glass, Paintings

1980 ~ 2020

 By Margriet Van Erp  Artist and designer


theLegacy Gallery

A retrospect of life as
an artist and designer 

Margriet Van Erp


 Greetings to old friends, new visitors,

 fellow artisans, painters, creatives and crafty types !


 Yes, after years of my various"brick and mortar"places for

work, play, show and sale of my artwork and design, 

 it's time for an UPDATE. 

So our newly renovated SeeView Gallery is on-line space.

Here the Gallery is Always Open.

With various rooms to visit, it becomes

a digital Artspace to Browse, See, Envision...

re-member with your own creative self.


In the Legacy Gallery you will see a permanent show of a  small selection my of art and fine craft over these past 4 decades. Most pieces are long gone,  enjoyed in homes and places around Ontario and further abroad. Some remain in my personal collection, some are available here at the SeeView on-line ArtShop 


 Come for a stroll and tour through the eyes of my Art-Spirit as a maker soul. Go around, then come again, anytime.

Be encouraged, enjoy innerAction with your art self!

Margriet Van Erp has been an artist and designer for over 25 years.  Since 2003 lives with husband Ted in Kincardine on Lake Huron. there maintains theSeeView Artstudio. "Truly this is a spiritual place of creativity”. Still working in glass, illustrations and oil painting, she finds inspiration for her unique artwork in area landscapes, trees, forests and lakeviews from the SeeView in Downtown Kincardine.

The Head Leaves, swirling and twirling, making wishes.

Heads back, having seen the leaves and the Spirit on the Wind.


MVE  Ceramic Art 

 * Pottery  * Slip Casting * Low Relief Sculpture 


Since 2003 here at SeeView Gallery and Art Studio for Clay and Glass. 

At the SeeView pottery studio were  4 wheels and a kiln, clay supplies and glazes for my clay design and production.  We   hosted classes -- adults, kids, year round. 

By 2011 the SeeView Studio and Gallery was settled in the South Gallery

 with workspace for my Clay and Glass, and a Gallery along side. 

It was a wonderful  place of creativity, joy and friendship with fellow artists and artisan of Kincardine, and many regular local customers and tourists from near and far.   


May you enjoy this digital tour through a selection of my styles and designs in ceramic art over these many decades.   I no longer make art with clay but cherish my long love of clay and journey it allowed me through these many decades. 

May my varied clay journey encourage your love of pottery and lead you to be purchaser

of hand made pottery and perhaps a maker too !

In 1980 Margriet fell in love with ceramics and pottery through visits to numerous Toronto Art Shows and Galleries, and treasured books about Potters and Ceramics through to ancient times.

She began 3 years of classes with renowned Toronto potter John Jarvis at his studio in the

Dufferin and King St. area.  There, the world of CLAY was fired open for me forever!

From then onward it was a journey in clay  of mind body and soul.  Here is a review of my years as a clay artisan through my various styles and designs along the way.

  My first studio with kiln and wheel was in 1981 in the basement of our Toronto home.  This moved  to my Stormy Weather Pottery Studio in Point Clark  in 1985,  back in 1996 to our next home in Toronto, ... to eventually our new place of creativity

the SeeView Gallery in Kincardine  2003.

My work with clay continued to delight and inspire my creativity.  For these many years, alongside with  designs in Art Glass, I  showed and sold Clay and ArtGlass designs through numerous Ontario annual fine craft shows,  11 years at the Toronto One-of-a-Kind Show, 7 years Toronto Beach Studio Tour.

CERAMIC ART and DESIGN by Margriet Van Erp

a journey in mind body and soul. 

This section of the  Legacy Gallery reviews my 35 years as a ceramic  artist. 

POTTERY.  stoneware and porcelain.  1980 - 1985 

 Handbuilt Vessels and Wheel Work.  Containers, Vases,  Goblets.

SLIP CAST CERAMICS.  white earthenware slip into plaster molds 1986 - 1989

cast from MVE original Master Series of Serving Dishes, Vases.  

Ceramic Art Decor

SLIP-TRAIL CASTING CLAY.  White earthenware slip, porcelain slip,  

into various flat plaster casting bats.  1987 - 2015 

 the MVE "Stormy Weather" Series.  Slip Cast and  Hand built.  Wall Tiles, Vessels, Branch Vases. 

featuring designs of Forests, Trees, Birch Trunks. Stormy Lake,  Beach Grasses, 

LOW RELIEF SCULPTURE     Stoneware and Earthenware, Clay Slabs.   1996 - 2015

Slab-rolled Clay pressed into molds of the MVE Original  17 Faces.  Hand-built  in low relief leafy sculpture. 

"The Head Leaves"  Series of unique Vessels, Bowls, Trays and  Head Designs