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For a custom stained glass commission, link to the MVE Custom Glass Gallery

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Interested in a Piece or Print?

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2. Prints-to-Go

Would Like More Choice?

Order custom Sized Art Prints or Cards of most Images of Margriet's artwork throughout the SeeView WebSite 


 Diy SunCatcher Kits and Film

After over 25 years of working with Decorative Overlay Window Films,  

there is an extensive selection in stock of mylar RegaLead stained glass art film.  

All remnants  ON SALE NOW.

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3. Diy Kits

To Make an on-line Purchase:  select your kit number. View photos below.  Use the "contact us form" 

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7"X 7" Bag

Each Kit Includes "how to DIY" instruction, patterns, clear plastic base panels 4.24" X 5.5" 

BONUS: You'll get double the colourful film you need to make this NEW, user friendly craft.





7"X 7" Bag

This bag comes with your colour choices -- we mix and match Reds, purple and pinks,  peach, yellow, golden browns, many greens and blues. Also black, white, grey and textures. Various sizes from in stock film.





7"X 7" Bag

This comes with a rainbow mix of colors. Covers about 3 sq. ft. , film pieces vary in size.





7"X 7" OR 10" X 10" Bag

Mix and match bag of your choice of colors. Enquire by email or in-studio appointment.



Order your diy Glass Film Kit!

Begin dreaming of your art-film designs!


Patterns and Inspiration 

 Custom GlassProject.   4.

Do You have an idea for an art-glass window made for your home? See some of our past custom work here!


5. Past  Workshops, New artParties!

For over 15 years so many Kincardine and area seasonal crafty and creative people have enjoyed the SeeView Studio stained glass overlay workshop.   The past few years especially we hosted groups of friends celebrating with an art workshop together.

During 2021 we hope to be able again to host group parties of your "safe bubble"

of up to 3 friends and family members. 

 Flexible choice of year round dates,  Friday or Saturday, 3 hour, 

Location, the SeeView Studio, Kincardine.  

1)  DIY artglass designs, using RegaLead Artglass Film.

2)  Art as Prayer, drawing zentangles and mandelas.

3)  short 1 hour (2-3 people). art film:  Draw your pattern and select film. Make at home.


 Contact us, inquire about your DIY group party. 

  (link to the Art-Shop, Art-to-Go and DIY film.) 


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