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                Digital Gallery

A Place of InnerAction and Creativity 
By Artist and Designer Margriet Van Erp

within this DIGITAL GALLERY  you will see a selection of Margriet's art and craft over these past 4 decades. This includes paintings, illustrations, ceramics and stained glass both in custom commissions and original designs.   Visit The Art Shop  !


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   The SeeView Studio & Gallery has been in Kincardine at  708  Queen Street since 2003.

It has been a place of creativity and inspiration for owner,  artist and designer Margriet Van Erp   

 MVE Designs  

     An eclectic place over the years enjoyed by many residents and tourists as a  destination Gallery and  ArtStudio .... to browse, see and consider original art and fine craft.   The SeeView featured work by  Margriet and and many wonderful guest artists.  Over the years she hosted art and craft shows, joined local art events and offered clay and glass workshops.

 Margriet helped promote the importance of The Arts in Kincardine. By 2006 art events became part of the BIA downtown heritage, culture and arts experience and supporting the

Centre For the Arts.




Grow your Collection

 Purchase Art On-Line,

Tour the digital  art shop and showroom of


MVE Stained Glass, Paintings

and unique home decor.


Custom Art-Glass

See Architectural Stained Glass by Margriet Van Erp.

1990- 97  SGO Designer Glass Kitchener.  1997- 2002, Toronto.  And 2003 to 2020   SeeView Studio Kincardine. 


Do It Yourself

Make an artglass Project

 all Stained Glass Overlay Film ON SALE

 of in-stock remnants.

 "Surprise Bags" 

For Your DIY Projects. 

Love Art?

 View the MVE Legacy Gallery 

     Come and disconnect your thoughts.   The intention  of  the MVE SeeView Legacy Gallery is to encourage YOUR creativity.... beCome Creative!

      Loving Art and Craft is a natural part of the Human Spiritual experience.   Making Art by intention and inner listening is at first unfamiliar, then,  a Gift we all can enjoy. 

         Here in the MVE  Legacy Gallery we begin with my pottery work in 1980,   and the challenge  every artisan begins - good craftsmanship, design and production. 

We've  shared this journey with Makers through the millennia, receiving  the gift of Under-standing, a dialogue of deep Wills. 

     To make through oneing eyes, coaxed to grow.

     My architectural stained glass began in 1990 and continued as a Life Journey.   And as such "the Spirit on the Wind" continued as my guide and it's  release came through my sketching, designing,  photography, writing within journals, drawing and  painting.   And so often it became Art as Prayer.... a quite, contemplative process  to include oneself in ubiquitous  Divine Mystery.

    May you continue always the Journey to your Heart by the Invitation from the Within.


"Somewhere in

a Hidden Memory"

SeeView Gallery.


NOW through this NEW SeeView Digital Gallery you can browse and enjoy monthly art shows  ANYTIME.  Here we will feature new work by Margriet,  as well as a selection of GUEST ARTISTS as their ArtShow. Creatives all share a life learning to be alone, to search, and to go beyond the reach. ArtShows the wisdom that comes through the life-work of fine art and craft. 

The Intention of these Current Art Shows is to inspire!   spirit your imagination... spur that ongoing innerAction,  and  an intuitive grasp of heart to art.  

Art Direction, Photography, Author 

by Artist and Designer Margriet Van Erp

 WIX Site. Graphic Designer, Photography  Kinsey Collins

Copyright  MVE Designs  June 28, 2020.

708C Queen St, Kincardine. N2Z 2A3, Canada

Funding through Digital Main Street Grant from

Ontario BIA Association


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